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Herbal Hair & Body Products

In an effort to provide you with the what we feel are the best hair, skin and nail products we have partnered with the following companies:

Wild Carrot lotionSince 2000, Wild Carrot Herbals goal has been to create honest, nutrient-rich, joyful products that are reasonably priced for the entire family.

They are a small, family owned and operated business located in Enterprise, Oregon. Everything is manufactured by them at Wild Carrot with the exception of our organic castile soap and Camamu bar soaps. They try to grow as many of the botanical ingredients as we use in our products or we wild craft them ourselves in the surrounding area. Hundreds of gallons of our own botanical infused oils out of this plant material are made every year. We source organic ingredients whenever possible. Sometimes we feel that a local or fair trade product better suits our company vision and the quality might be better. Wild Carrot Mask

 Products are all made in very small batches, measured, mixed, hand poured and labeled the old fashioned way with love, care and cleanliness. All of the recipes were created by Jody Berry and have been tested for years (since 1993) on hundreds of friends and family members and now on the public at large. Jody met her husband Michael while studying organic farming at the Evergreen State College.

Daydream Salon & Spa Carries a full range of Wild Carrot products which include:

Wild Carrot Face Care Body Care Baby Carrot Baby Carrot
Salves & Balms Soap Hair Care
Bath Ritual Seasonal Merchandise

Camu Soap ProductsAtlas Scrubbed Soap - Camamu

Camamu's focus and commitment has always been to create body care products that nourish, repair and rejuvenate using only natural ingredients and artisan production techniques. Their process is to stretch the creative possibilities of an 'everyday' object - visual beauty, color, texture and the subtle aromatherapy of essential oils are a big part of the joy of Camamu. Infusing many of our products with the gentle therapeutics of medicinal plants and herbs has resulted in soaps and shampoos that provide relief for a wide range of skin, hair and scalp issues.

Goat's Milk Shaving Soap Soap Shampoo Shaving Beard Oil 

Hair & Beard Oil - Chamomile
Lotions & Creams Baby Bounty Accessories
baby SoapHenna Shampoo

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