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Healing Room Services

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Healing Room Services

healing Room


Reflexology Treatment 

This service uses pressure points in the feet to rebalance and detoxify your body as well as relax and center you.

45 minutes - $45


Reiki Treatment

The practice of Reiki is based on the principle that when the flow of energy becomes blocked in energy centers known as Chakras the body enters a state of imbalance.

The goal of Reiki is to loosen blocked energy and allow the body to re-establish its natural equilibrium.

This brings about feeling of great peace, well-being, and healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

To receive Reiki. the clients remains fully clothed, lying comfortably under a blanket on a warm massage table

30  minutes - $45   60 minutes - $75   

Private Yoga

Yoga Class

Pamper yourself with some one-on-one yoga private instruction.  Each session is based on the individual participants needs.  The cost of the class includes a brief interview and prep prior to the class, an hour of one-on-one yoga instruction and after session follow-up.

1 hour session $75 

Intuitive Readings

inuitive readings 

What important messages and guidance does your soul and the Universe have to share with you in this moment?  Are the signs and messages that you are missing or not hearing clearly.  Join intuitive Kellie for a session of discovery as she assists you with opening up and receiving the messages from your inner spirit and those spiritual messengers around you.

30 minutes - $45

Massage (see separate Massage Page)


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