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Willow's Wellnes Boutique

It is the intention of Willows Wellness at Daydream Salon & Spa to provide unique items at affordable prices, designed to enhance the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.

Gifts to Love.Your.Self

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Relaxation, Meditation Facilitation, Aromatherapy, Gemstone Therapy and more  . . . browse our ever changing offerings.  If you don't see what you are looking for, simply ask, chances are we can bring right here to our easy to find Perry County location, just off Rt. 322 in Newport PA.


From the moment you walk in, feel the warm and inviting space to explore our unique offerings.

Healing Stones from around the world are available throughout room. Choose one for yourself or loved one (signs are available so you can read about those to which you are attracted).  Make your own stone healing bag, choose from pre-made chakra balancing, or bags made for specific intentions.

Many people both local and at a distance request our unique "Personal Affirmation" Bowls.  This is a group of healing stones selected for you or the intended recipient in a beautiful abalone shell with a write about the stones and why they were chosen for that person.  To learn more about our personal affirmation bowls contact Mickey and you can download a pdf document for more information.Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps

We carry a full array of Himalayan Salt Lamps. All of our lamps are mined by hand and we chose these lamps because there is no use of explosives in their mining.  Additionally our salt lamps are "Fair Trade".

It is universally accepted that Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the air we breathe, to counteract the positive ions emitted by the electronic devices we use everyday,  this can result in mental and physical exhaustion and effect overall wellness. To read more about our salt lamps we have prepared a short explanation.

We have salt lamps in all shapes sizes and colors:

gray salt lamp
Rare Himalayan Grey Salt Lamp
white salt lamp

White Himalayan Salt Lamp

amber salt lamp
Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp

 Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are decks of cards, each with a different message, sometimes portrayed with images, sometimes with words or a combination of both.  Often they come with a book that gives a deeper meaning or message behind the cards. These cards act as the messenger, relay what you need to know about a situation or guidance in moving forward.

We have many choices of cards for your use.  Keep your eye out for events involving the use of these wonderful tools for living a positive lifestyle.  If you would like to have one of our practitioners perform a personal reading for you or a friend let us know by e-mailing us to schedule a session.  To learn more read our "What Are Oracle Cards?


Smudge, Palo Santo and Smudging AccessoriesAbalone Shell for smudgingSmudge Stickpalo Santo

Smudging has been part of a practice brought to us from the ancient traditions of the Native peoples, and typically involves the practice of burning some variety of herb (sage, cedar, or palo Santo for smudging) to create a smoke that purifies, cleanses, and can even carry your prayers to the divine. Bundles of these herbs are called smudge sticks, and perhaps most frequently utilize white sage within their blessings and purifications.

The act of smudging is done with a smudge bowl or Abalone Shell with the appropriate herbs directly lit or burned. 

If you are in a place where burning is not an option we have a unique liquid spray smudge for clearing also. 


Crystals & Stones  CarnilianAmethyst on stand

Raw, tumbled, and polished Points, clusters, specimens, cathedrals Spheres, pyramids, and other shapes Healing wands. Books and Classes.

For many years Mickey has been using stones for healing and overall well being.  Many of theDruzy Citrine stones in our shop are cut and tumbled at her home here in Perry County by her husband.  As she often says:  "I've known that stone since  . . .".  Her love of the crystals and stones have a prominent place in her healing techniques and teaching practices.


Nag Champa and Incense

Nag champa Incense

We carry many forms and fragrances of incense from Sandalwood to Nag Champa in sticks, cones and oils.  With annag champa Soap array of incense burners.

Nag Champa is the most popular choice for yoga studios and ashrams, to promote calm feeling as in facilitating meditation.

Because of demand, we have chosen to be a Nag Champa Headquarters for your Nag Champa Needs. To learn more about Nag Champa here is a write up about this wonderful wellness tool.

Pendants and Amulets from South Africa

Our pendants are hand-made by a healer in South Africa.  Made with a combination of healing crystals and polymer clay she loving crafts each with her passion for the stones, color and design.  Jenn says " It is a true blessing to work with my hands and the Crystal Kingdom in sending them out world-wide."

Flourite Pendant Chakra Pendent Turquoise Pendant Quartz Pendant Amethyst pendant

We, at Willow's Wellness have worked with Jenn for many years and are lucky to be one of the few places in the USA to distribute her amazing wearable works of art.  Our selection of pendants and Amulets are constantly changing. We've been wearing her creations for years - many are suitable for men and as home or alter decor.

Mandala Scarves

mandala scarf gnasha scarf mandala scarf Purple scarf

Pendulums7 chakra Pendulum

Whether you're exploring the art of pendulum dowsing for the first time or have been using it in your divinations to find answers for some time, Willow's Wellness has everything you need. You can find Pendulums of all shapes and sizes right here. We even have Pendulums that double as bracelets.

If you have never used a pendulum, e-mail us to find out when our next class will be held and / or follow us on Facebook.



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