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Jessica (Worthy) Daub

Jessica Worth Daub and husband Tommy Daub

Jessica (Worthy) Daub and Tommy Daub

I opened Daydream Salon& Spa back in 2007 when I was only 19 years old. Freshly out of beauty school and after months of renovations to the building where the salon first opened, I took the courageous leap into entrepreneurship. I was very much encouraged and supported by my family. My father who also owns his own business urged me not to be afraid to take risks, and helped tremendously funding the renovations. My mother always believed in me and spent many long hours painting, cleaning and helping to ready the space for opening. It started as a love for doing hair, color and cutting especially.

I have always had a love for transformation. I love to see the before and after, and what was to what something can become. I now realize that this is an inherent passion of mine. From changes in people and appearances, to building renovations, landscape overhauls (and maybe even someday restoring a 69 mustang together dad) I love to see things transform. I see the beauty in what is already there and i love to listen to the whispers of what wants to be... To dream and envision possibilities.

Some where around 22 years old I also developed a strong interest in health and wellness. I believe it started with learning about herbs and herbal teas and quickly cascaded into many aspects of healing, well being and balance of the body, mind and soul. I was now on a quest for knowledge, with to many topics on my radar of interest to possibly learn about them all. One thing I knew for sure though was that this passion for wellness was not just a hobby but was destined to be the future direction for the salon as well.

In the location I had at the time there was just no room for expansion. A few prospect locations came and went, one of which I had actually started working on. Just when i was knee deep in the rubble of an old garage with no plumbing and barely electric, the opportunity for my current location came up. The beautiful old Victorian felt right from the moment i first heard about her, not to mention it sent my redoer, designer, fixer visionary into overdrive. Oh the possibilities. The Victorian was already beautiful. The artisans that shaped her and built her in the 1880's had already accomplished that. My job was to give her spirit again. To just breath a little sparkle into the regal and classic woman she already was. Though the voyage was a long year and a half process it satisfied my need to create, enhance and give life to what was already extraordinary.

And so our journey from Salon to Salon and Spa began.  We are ever evolving looking for ways to be more organic, holistic, green and bring a true Spa Experience to a small town.

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